My main business is building custom bicycle frames. But since I design and build most of my own tools, I offer some for sale to other builders.

If you know what you're looking for, go to the Purchase Tools list to make a purchase using a credit card or PayPal. If you can't find what you're looking for, please check Custom Work and/or contact me. For international orders or other means of payment, contact me.

Pictured below are just a few of the frame building tools I offer. Please browse the following photos and descriptions to learn more.

Tubing Blocks: Designed for machine mitering, they are also useful for general workholding. Machined from 6061 aluminum, bore tolerance +/- 0.002", supplied complete with clamping bolts. Common sizes are stocked, any size can be made to order. Click for pricing and ordering.
Tubing Blocks

NEW "Postus Maximus" (apologies to the scholars of Latin!). This tool replaces my venerable Bottom Bracket Post, now being sold at closeout pricing until they're gone (see below). The shelf and nut are 54mm diameter to handle T47shells, and the extra length will hold BB shells from 68 to 120mm long. The shelf height is 70mm, to work with fat bikes. Machined of stainless steel and heat treated for long life abrasion resistance. Based on customer feedback, the brass extension at the top keeps the nut from spinning off and across your shop if you give it an energetic twirl. The bottom is tapped for a 1/2" x 13 bolt for attachment to any flat surface. Please note this tool, unlike my original Bottom Bracket Post, will not work with the Park inserts. Click for pricing and ordering. IMG_8656IMG_8657

NEW Precision Fork Fixture Constructed of CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum parts are anodized for wear resistance and long life. Rake is adjustable from zero to 100mm with indicators for 1" and 1-1/8" steerers. Axle-to-crown length up to 540mm. Supplied with 102mm x 9mm round end dummy axle. Dummy axles are compatible with the Alex Meade Seatstay/Chainstay Mitering Jig and the Alex Meade Disc Brake Mount Fixture. Click for pricing and ordering. Click here for Instruction Sheet


Disc Brake Mount Fixture: Used for properly positioning IS mount, post mount and flat mount disc brake attachment points. CNC machined from stainless steel. Designed to position mounts to the Shimano 2018-1019 Specifications. These work with Alex Meade dummy axles. You'll need a mounting plate plus the adapters for the disc brake system you intend to use. All adapters work with the same base plate. Please know using this tool requires more knowledge than most other tools I sell, so please read this, regarding use of this tool and dummy axle compatibility. Click for pricing and ordering. Purchase one base plate and any needed adapters. Other adapters can be purchased later if needed. Base plate with a flat mount rear adapter is shown in the first photo below. IMG_7997

Base Plate Includes Two Spacer Bars for Non-Shimano Spec Axles and Dropouts


Post Mount Front Adapter:


Post Mount Rear Adapter:


IS Front Adapter:


IS Rear Adapter:


Flat Mount Front Adapter:


Flat Mount Rear Adapter:


30 x 17 Oval Tubing Blocks, 26 x 17 Oval Tubing Blocks, 33.5 x 15.5 Oval Tubing Blocks and 28 x 19 Oval Tubing Blocks Designed for machine mitering, also useful for general workholding. Machined to exacting tolerances from 6061 aluminum and supplied with two M6 clamp bolts. Since there's no mathematical definition of "oval", these blocks are made with elliptical cutouts. Outside dimensions are 2" in the narrow oval dimensions and about 2" in the long oval dimension, the latter being dependent on the exact dimensions of your chainstay or fork blade. 30 x 17 oval chainstays are also sometimes known as "24mm oval" and 26 x 17 oval chainstays are sometimes known as "22.2mm oval". 33.5 x 15.5 oval chainstays are formed from 25.4mm tubes and are sold by Nova Cycles as oversize 29er S-bend. 28 x 19 fork blades are often referred to as "Continental Oval." Blocks are 1" in thickness. Click for pricing and ordering.


30 x 17, 26 x 17, and 33.5 x 15.5 Oval Clamp Blocks: CNC machined steel blocks are intended for use with my seatstay/chainstay mitering jig (further down this page) and are also useful for general workholding with oval chainstays. Sold as two complete blocks (four "halves") as shown in the photo. Click for pricing and ordering.

Front Derailleur Boss Locating Jig: This is a huge time-saver. Modern drivetrains require the FD boss accurately placed in accordance with their specs. This steel and aluminum jig places a front derailleur boss 9mm inboard of the BB face and 8.7mm forward of the seat tube centerline, while holding the boss parallel to the seat tube for brazing. Reversible plate allows for 1-1/8" and 1-1/4" seat tubes. Rod is 10mm diameter to match most front derailleurs. Always check the manufacturer's specs for proper FD boss location. Spring clamp not included. Most FD bosses will require some cold setting or filing to achieve the correct location, and this tools also acts as a quick gauge to determine whether the positioning is correct. Click for pricing and ordering.

FD Boss Jig FrontFB Boss Jig Back

Braze-On Locating Jig: Locates and aligns cable stops and housing guides. Aluminum blocks clamp securely to the tube with thumbscrews. Steel bar locates in slot, so turning the bar around without unclamping the blocks aligns stops at both ends of a tube. Steel bar has one wedge and one channel to work with a variety of braze-ons. Fits tubes from 7/8" to 1-1/2" diameter. Click for pricing and ordering.

Tapered Tube Clamp Block Set: Holds tapered stays and fork blades for machine or hand work. CNC machined from 6061 aluminum with vee groove parallel to the flat faces. Assembled block pair is about 2"x2"x2". Shown holding a fork blade with a 12.5mm tip. Click for pricing and ordering.

Stainless Steel Dummy Axles: Choose either round or keyed end. Designed for use in many fixturing applications. They are 3/4" diameter and available in any length. Ends can be supplied for 9 (front) and 10mm (rear) slotted dropouts or 12mm through axle dropouts. Contact me for through axle applications, since there are multiple systems. Also contact me if you need something for a non-standard application. Click for pricing and ordering.
Dummy Axles Dummy Axles CloseUpDummy Axles CloseUp

Water Bottle Boss Drilling Jig: Centers your drill on the tube and provides accurate 2-1/2" hole spacing. Works with tube diameters from 3/4" to 2". CNC machined of aluminum and steel, with hardened steel 1/4" drill bushings for a lifetime of use. Hint on using: after the first hole is drilled, insert a 1/4" drill bit or rod in the first hole while the second is being drilled. Includes what's shown in the first photo. Doesn't included the spring clamps in the second photo. Purchase clamps at your local hardware store. Click for pricing and ordering.

Fork Bending Die: Available in any radius. CNC machined from aluminum billet, complete with clamp blocks and adjustable stop. Acetal clamp block is slotted to allow easy insertion of a fork blade with dropout attached. Three threaded M10x1.5 holes on the bottom for mounting. Pictured below are 12" radius, about 12" long, and 6" radius, about 8" long. Click for pricing and ordering. Click these links for examples of forks with different radii:
Twelve inch
Eight Inch
Six inch
4.5 inch


Seat Stay and Chain Stay Mitering Jig:
For use in a drill press or milling machine. Click for pricing and ordering.
SS Mitering JigSS Mitering Jig in Milling Machine

Stem Jig: For brazing or welding stems. Tube sections are precisely located with special rings which also help minimize heat distortion. Back-purge and quill stem options are also available. Please read this before ordering. Click for pricing and ordering.

Bottom Bracket Post: No longer available, replaced by "Postus Maximus" above.