I offer a variety of complete frame fixtures. These are built to order. Please call or email me to talk about the specifics of what you'd like to do, and I can advise you on what you'll need.

Flat Plate Fixtures
These systems are intended to be used over a full-sized frame drawing, on a flat surface. They are small and portable, very accurate, and able to accommodate a wide range of frame geometries, and with the vee-blocks, almost any shape and size of tubing. The frame is suspended over the drawing at a pre-determined and precise centerline height, and joints can either be fully welded/brazed or just tacked for later free welding/brazing. Pictured below are just some of the many variations that can be made. Click here for a full set of photos showing a typical build process. Pricing varies depending on the number of components ordered, features such as back-purge plumbing, whether aluminum or steel, and the fluctuating price of raw materials, but the range of cost of this type of setup is typically $800 to $1300. Because of their small size, they can easily be shipped internationally.
Flat Plate Fixture 30x30

Freestanding Frame Fixtures
Generally significantly more expensive than flat plate fixtures, freestanding frame fixtures are intended for higher volume framebuilding, where setup time is important. The design pictured below has built-in reference surfaces for setting angles and lengths, and is designed such that the inputs are ST and HT angle, front-center, fork rake, CS length, BB drop, and distance to the bottom of the HT, all dimensions that can be easily pulled from a drawing. The fixture tilts back flat for setup, and can rotate freely for brazing/welding access. Because of the large amount of machine shop time required for me to build these, I don't regularly offer them for sale. If you're interested, please call and we can talk about pricing and lead time.
Complete Fixture - Full Size ModifiedFront ViewSet HT AngleRear Support View