Alex Meade (4)

Building a bicycle frame starts long before the torch is lit. Like any engineering endeavor, it starts with understanding the needs and desires of you, the customer.

Basic fit is important, but that’s not enough. I begin with listening – listening to the experiences that led you to me, your riding history, what your cycling dreams look like, what you think you want your next bike to be.

Some unsolicited comments from my customers:

"Most comfortable bike ride ever! The bike rides like butter!
The eTap is exceptional, the Ritchey Carbon cockpit is featherweight
and a perfect choice.........But, that frame! Also, thanks for recommending 
the Wound Up forks- super clean ride quality.
After 50 miles I feel I could have ridden ALL DAY. 
Comfortable would be an understatement.

Couldn't be happier!"

So I finally got out for a ride, and the bike was flawless.  The engine was a little overweight and underpowered, but the bike rode beautifully.  And, packed up in the case, it went (on the plane) as regular luggage with no extra fees, and easily went in the trunk of a small rental car.  Thanks!"

The bike performed flawlessly on its maiden voyage; this is by far the most comfortable bike that I've ever ridden, a perfect fit. I feel as though I'm putting more power out due to that fit; it should feel very comfortable on the next 1000K I do."

"When my bike was stolen I decided to get a custom made bike. First move was to contact several builders. One stood out above all others in the way he replied to me. That was Alex Meade of Lexington, KY.
From our first meeting when I flew there from Los Angeles to be fitted, I have been impressed with the approach Alex takes to his craft as well as his friendly, welcoming and relaxing personality. Cabinet makers say, “Measure twice – cut once”. Well – Alex measures several times. And that was his method all the way through the construction process. He is totally thorough. But also, he has been as excited as me about the new bike. I really loved that. Here is a person who really loves what he does.
I wanted special cranks so he searched until he located the required crankset from Spain. It has elliptical chain rings so Alex created a chain ring bracket that will also allow a circular chain ring in case I decide to switch later on. Also – some practical problems in making the crankset work with the Di2 components required some extra machining which Alex did extremely accurately at no extra charge.
I wanted Di2 Shimano electronic gear changing so he allowed for internal routing of the wiring.
He used front fork dropouts that favor the Schmidt hub which has internal wiring.
He located some really ‘snazzy’ wheels from Velocity that leave me feeling like I am a ‘racer’, not a randonneur!
He developed the frame to give more stability at speed when descending. This was a part of his plan to design a frame that would provide comfort for me over many miles of brevet events.
We decided on Stainless Steel for the tubing. This is a marked move away from my old bike which was carbon fiber. A rather daring decision for me but I trusted Alex in this. I am not disappointed.
I wanted 38mm tires so he designed the frame to accommodate them.
Now, my dream is a reality which I am riding. It is comfortable, stable, absorbs shocks at least as well as my CF bike did while being no heavier. Of course that is a bit subjective but I confidently believe that I am correct in this. (As a Personal Trainer for many years, I have a good idea about what is happening to my body.) The large tires provide even more comfort – I am riding them at 60 psi.
Alex and I had many contacts over the months of building the bike. Whenever he had a problem to solve, first, he researched it, found the answers, and then kept me informed.
When the bike arrived, even the way Alex had packed it was just so thorough that the likelihood of damage was as remote as a Woodpecker in the Arctic!
Accompanying the bike was a set of very comprehensive instructions. He left nothing to chance.
So – I recommend Alex Meade as the guy to go to when you want a custom bike built. You will be immensely pleased with his services."

"Bike is super. Really, really enjoying it."

"Just to let you know, I took my new bike on a few 200K brevets this year . . . I use brevets as training for UMCA races (so) my focus was consistent speed. . . the fit was great and it is a fantastic all-arounder"

"I love my Alex Meade bike."

"I had a blast riding around today. Such a responsive bike !"

"It sure is a fine machine."

"Took the new bike for a ride yesterday; it is really comfortable . . . whether on the hoods, drops or somewhere in between the miles seemed to melt away."

"I really like the bike, I noticed a softer ride, it feels more stable in the turns and just a different feel, perhaps more "magical" - a rather metaphysical statement . . ."

"I love the bike."