She or he who bikes to work on the nastiest day wins!

Commuter cyclists can't or won't choose to drive when it's raining or frigid. If you value your daily bike commute, you need a bike that can stand up to the weather. A shaft drive bike removes a big source of commuter bike problems: no chain or external gears to catch road crud. I can also build a more traditional commuter bike, either with an internally geared hub or a derailleur drivetrain. Brakes for commuter bikes also deserve special consideration, and many options are available today for reliable, low maintenance and weatherproof stopping. Attachment points can be designed for specific fenders, racks, and lights. A custom frame will allow you to incorporate any combination of components, tailored to you and your particular commuting conditions.

Click on the photo for closeups of a custom shaft drive bike.
Shaft Bike 001 unclipped