S&S Couplers are a popular option for new custom frames, and as a retrofit to existing frames. They allow a complete bicycle to be packed into a 26"x26"x10" suitcase (700c tires are deflated to fit), staying within airline guidelines for standard baggage. A coupled frame becomes an easy bike to travel with, with no compromise to ride quality. S&S Couplers are made in California by S&S Machine Works and much more detail regarding the couplers can be found here.

Click here to see two sequences of photos showing possible ways to pack S&S coupled bikes. Every bike is different, but these are two basic procedures.

If you're considering retrofitting an existing frame, please call me to talk about your specific frame. If it's steel and has round tubes, there's a very good chance it can be done.

Cost varies with the complexity of the retrofit, and I offer package discounts when the S&S case is purchased at the same time as the retrofit.